10 tips for reducing stress during a divorce

Divorce is stressful. These tips can help.

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What's Inside

What's Inside

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when going through a divorce. But there are a lot of things you can do to help manage and reduce stress during this time. Below are a few ideas. 

How to reduce stress during a divorce

1. Remember to breathe

Breathing deeply and slowly can help calm your nervous system. Plus, it can be done anywhere—at home, while driving, when out on a walk—which makes it a great tool for combating stress.

2. Get regular exercise 

Exercise can take your mind off the day’s difficulties, and can release endorphins, which promote a sense of well-being. 

3. Seek support from family & friends

Call up your family and friends when you need someone to lean on or talk to. People want to help and show up for their loved ones (that’s you!). 

4. Consider therapy 

Therapy has countless benefits. It can help you identify stress and develop coping skills, ensures you have someone who truly understands what you’re going through, and gives you a healthy way to release negative emotions. 

5. Use a mantra

Try an affirmative mantra like “I’m strong. I’ve got this,” or “It’s not going to be okay. It’s going to be great,” and say it out loud to yourself every morning or whenever you’re feeling frazzled. It may feel silly to say it aloud, but the things we tell ourselves can really make a difference.

6. Get enough sleep

Sleep helps us manage difficulties. Set yourself up for success by keeping good sleep hygiene habits, like putting away your technology early and having a consistent bedtime.

7. Take breaks

Instead of getting caught up in disagreements with your ex-partner, give yourself permission to walk away. Tell your former partner when you don’t have the bandwidth to argue, and politely end conversations when you need to.

8. Journal

Journaling can be a great way to process emotions. Don’t worry about if what you’re writing sounds good. Just get your thoughts out on paper or in a digital document.

9. Maintain perspective

Everything passes, and this will too. Every time you’re feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself that this situation is temporary. Divorces can be drawn out, but they never last forever. Easier times are ahead.

10. Find a creative outlet

Always wanted to try dance or playing the piano? Now’s the time to give it a try! Doing something new can help you feel strong, engaged and independent. Plus, learning new hobbies requires focus, which can help keep your mind off any worries.

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