How to make the most of your legal strategy session

This is your first opportunity to speak with a qualified attorney at Marble about the specific details of your case. They’ll then be able to recommend the best path forward for you.

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What's Inside

What's Inside

To give you the best service possible, please get the following ready before your call: 

1. Prepare some basic information about your case

The attorney will want to know: 

  • The legal issue you need help with
  • Why you want to hire an attorney
  • The county you live in
  • Basic information about the opposing party such as:
    • Name
    • Age
    • County they live in
    • If they’ve hired a lawyer
  • If there have been any previous court proceedings regarding this case
  • If you already have any court documents

This information will help your lawyer understand the context of your case.

2. Tell the attorney about any court dates that have already been scheduled

Already have a court appearance scheduled? Make sure to share the date and details with the lawyer.

3. Think about your desired outcome

This will help the attorney get a good understanding of your goals and will help focus the call.

4. Come with any questions you have

We know legal cases can be intimidating, so if you have any questions or concerns about your case or the legal process, bring them to your call.

5. Make sure you don’t miss the attorney’s call

Please turn on your ringer a few hours before the session.

We understand this may not be an easy time, but we’re here to help ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. If there’s anything else we can do for you, please let us know.

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Bottom line

Our experienced team would love to help you move forward. Schedule a free 15-minute call so we can connect you with an experienced attorney.

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