The Legal Heroes You Deserve

AJ Gilead

The Legal Heroes You Deserve

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Whether it is to deal with a new episode in life that came as a surprise, a bit of luck, an unfortunate event, or a mistake worth fixing, everyone, everywhere, needs effective legal care at some point. 

Dealing with a legal case can be daunting, grueling, and frustrating, but it also can bring new opportunities for those who want to start a new chapter in their lives. 

According to a survey conducted by Marble, a law firm based in California and New York, about 75% of adults of all ages and backgrounds have reported paying for a lawyer for legal services at least once. 

Every now and then, we all need a hero in our lives to seek the justice we deserve, but we cannot expect legal services to be our saving grace. 

The quest to solve your case

The quest for legal aid is often as challenging as the quest for justice, making the legal system one of the least efficient and accessible among American institutions – and not just within the court system. The private legal services market also has a long way to go when it comes to providing a distinguished service, with a hyperlocal, fragmented market, no transparent pricing systems, and a general lack of awareness towards customer service and innovation. 

That makes the hunt for legal services a daunting task. There is no super-app for attorneys. It's only you and Google, and maybe a friend's recommendation. It’s like you’re almost forced to contract a lawyer you can’t get a background check on and pray they will do a terrific job. 

Just like a blind date, your lawyer will have to impress you right away, because time is precious. A real problem – the case that awaits you – has to be taken care of. 

The long search for an attorney 

The long, arduous search for legal care is a problem for many people. Most people only realize that once they are looking for a lawyer, and are almost entirely unaware of it before that. 

A study by California State Bar and NORC at the University of Chicago revealed that despite half of Californians experiencing at least one actionable civil legal problem in a given year, they seek legal help for only a third of these problems. When they seek out a lawyer, many don't know how to find an appropriate one or what to expect when contracting an attorney. 

The study mentions aversion to pursuing legal actions, concerns about the costs, and a general lack of knowledge about legal services among the main reasons for not using legal help. This explains why one or both spouses are unrepresented in 70% of family law cases. With minimal information about the lawyers they address, 26% of people renounce professional legal representation and turn to their friends and family or spiritual or religious leaders. Those in a low-income bracket turn to free legal aid, but 63 out of 70 cases do not fit this kind of legal representation.  

Hiring an attorney shouldn't be rocket science

Hiring an attorney shouldn't be rocket science: a client shouldn’t need to calculate a handful of unknowns, such as the lawyers' real experience and expertise in cases such as theirs, to make a hiring decision. 

Nor is it a lottery, in which a client ties themselves blindly to a lawyer because of a lack of time or money to seek out the best possible representation. 

Clients and potential clients of the judicial system deserve fair, affordable, easy, and accessible legal care that seeks to serve them. They deserve full transparency with the services they hire. They deserve to know the competence of their legal team, an upfront fee, as well as a realistic snapshot of the merits and downsides of their case.

They deserve a caring and empathetic team that considers them human beings in need of help and as customers who deserve a quality consumer experience.   

They deserve their legal care presented in a modern way, just like they experience every other aspect of their lives. In this day and age, it should be done remotely whenever possible and make smart use of technology to add a layer of transparency and collaboration to streamline the overall process.

Go the Marble way

You’ve got enough on your plate. You shouldn’t feel the need to be the sole hero of your fate, taking care of your case on your own. Instead, connect with a law firm that simplifies legal care and makes it easy and accessible to everyday people.

As the legal service market suffers from a lack of trust, transparency, and familiarity, we at Marble created a brand that would make meaningful legal representation accessible to everyone, everywhere across the U.S. states in which we are licensed. 

Consumers can quickly assess their legal matters under our guidance, get a flat-fee quote with flexible, online payment terms, and contract our Legal Care Team remotely. 

As some of the court hearings will demand presence, the rest of the communication with our teams is done via online communication channels, involving real humans who will always keep you in the loop.

Marble is a law firm operating in California and New York and will soon launch in a few more U.S. states. Stay tuned. 

Jan 26, 2021
AJ Gilead